Nature and Landscape Photography Course

Nature and Landscape Photography Course Overview

This online nature and landscape photography course is designed to teach you how to photograph the beauty of the world around you. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about outdoor photography, including what types of gear to use in every situation, how to work with natural light, and what times of the day make for the most compelling images. Professional photographers explain the nuances of composition, exposure and framing so you can take better pictures of wildlife, flowers, landscapes and more.

Throughout the course, you will complete a series of photo projects that will help you develop a portfolio of high-quality work. Each project will be evaluated by a professional photographer, your teacher and mentor whose job is to help you succeed. By the time you complete the course, you will have the skills and confidence necessary to shoot professional-quality nature photography.

NYIP Graduates are eligible to become certified by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Professional Photographers of America

What you'll learn

After completing the Nature and Landscape Photography course, students will be able to:

  • Capture the beauty of the world around them.
  • Discuss what types of gear to use in every situation outdoors and recognize how climate conditions affect his or her work.
  • Explain the nuances of composition, exposure, and framing so he or she can better pictures of wildlife, flowers, landscapes, and more.
  • Describe how to work with natural light, and what times of the day make for the most compelling images.
  • Demonstrate mastery in the use of equipment.
  • Discover how to capture the true essence of a subject.
  • Act on opportunities available for different lines of work as a photographer and apply business regulations to them.
  • Develop a portfolio of his or her work that emulates a visual signature.

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What you get

  • 4 units of course materials— lessons and HD video available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A professional photographer as your mentor— there to help you improve, provide technical support, and review your photos as you move through the course
  • Access to our student forum— an online community to discuss courses, get answers to your questions, and share your photos
  • Up to 18 months to complete the course at your own pace
  • 14 days to review the course risk-free— full refunds offered in first two weeks after enrollment
  • NYIP Certificate in Nature and Landscape Photography— delivered upon graduation
Read the Video Transcript

The New York Institute of Photography's Course in Nature and Landscape Photography is the most thorough set of lessons available on this photographic specialty. Let NYIP's expert instructors guide you through every aspect of mastering the art of making stunning photographs of the natural world. We start with mastering your equipment, the finer points of focus, exposure, white balance, and more. We delve deeply into all aspects of light- your most essential artistic tool. What are the characteristics and kinds of natural light? And how can you use them to your advantage? When is artificial light called for? How can you use is technically and creatively? And composition- what are the elements? What are the rules? And how do you follow them- or break them, depending on your vision? You'll learn how to creatively approach all kinds of natural subjects, including a lesson completely devoted to weather. You won't find a better course for venturing into nature and achieving your vision. NYIP's online course is well organized, easy to navigate and filled with gorgeous photography and insightful video lessons. There are tests and project assignments to guarantee your progress, and you'll have your own professional mentor to guide you towards your best work. And because it's online, you can learn anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. Venture beyond your comfort zone- enroll today.