Video Making Course Mentors

Video Making Course Mentors

  • Adam Waltner

    Adam Waltner

    Adam Waltner is a New York City based photographer and filmmaker. After going to school for writing he became obsessed with cinema, often watching several films a day. At the age of twenty-two he made his first feature and has remained a prolific filmmaker ever since. Usually dark in nature, his work explores the world through lavish cinematography and a calculating, sinister mind.

  • Patrick Dinkfeld

    Patrick Dinkfeld

    Patrick Dinkfeld has been making art, music, films and graphic design since 1994, working on projects for clients such as Nestlé, Levi's, Six Flags and many more. He worked in commercial video for strategic branding giant Siegel+Gale. There, his clients included American Express, Microsoft, Lexus, and Yahoo!, among others. Patrick has lectured at UCLA and CalArts and has taught video at CalArts since 1998.

  • Frank Beacham

    Frank Beacham

    Frank is an NYC-based independent writer, director and producer who works in video, film, photography, radio, television, theater and web. A former staff reporter for United Press International, the Miami Herald, Gannett Newspapers and the Washington Post-Newsweek, Beacham's articles and stories have appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers including the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and Village Voice.

  • Susan Robeson

    Susan Robeson

    Susan Robeson has worked as a filmmaker, cinematographer, television producer, photographer and editor since 1972. She is the co-founder of Third World Newsreel, a film and media arts center in New York City as well as Higher Ground Cinema, a small theatre for film exhibition. Her credits include the documentary film Teach Our Children and the Emmy award-winning television program Like It Is, the longest-running program of its kind on television.

About Our Mentor Program

NYIP is the only online photography school that provides you with a team of professional photographers who act as your teachers, coaches, and mentors. You will benefit from a personal relationship just like you would get in the classroom. NYIP mentors are there to answer your questions via phone or email at every turn.

In addition, you will submit photo projects throughout the course which will be evaluated by the teacher assigned to you. They are there to help you improve as you master the craft. If you want to add video to your skillset and to produce professional-quality work, this level of support is crucial.